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Indigo Reverie, Hand Printed Cyanotype Desktop Calendar for 2024

Indigo Reverie, Hand Printed Cyanotype Desktop Calendar for 2024

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'Indigo Reverie' A3 Cyanotype Desktop Calendar 

Step into the soulful embrace of 'Indigo Reverie,' where each turn of the page unveils a piece of my artistic journey for the year 2024. This isn't just a calendar; it's a personal odyssey, a testament to the beauty found in the intersection of art and everyday life.


Key Features:

  1. Size:

Feel the immersive charm of 'Indigo Reverie' in an A3 size, 12 cards for 12 months, each cards resonating with the quiet elegance of cyanotype craftsmanship—a touch of artistry that transforms your space. 

  1. Crafted by Hand:

Every calendar is a manifestation of my hands, a labor of love that extends from the careful selection of images to the final strokes of cyanotype printing. This isn't just a calendar; it's an extension of my heart. 

  1. Cyanotype Magic:

Immerse yourself in the timeless allure of cyanotype printing, an art form that breathes life into each page. The gentle dance of chemicals and sunlight creates a symphony of blue, adding a unique character to every image, but as it’s handmade all the prints are not machine perfect, they have their imperfection. 

  1. Limited Edition:

'Indigo Reverie' is a cherished collection, limited to just 25 editions. Each calendar is more than a numbered piece; it's a slice of my artistic journey shared with those who appreciate the beauty of the unique. 

  1. Personal Storytelling:

Behind every image lies a story, a personal connection that guided its inclusion. 'Indigo Reverie' is a narrative of moments that have touched my heart, and I hope they resonate with yours too. 

  1. Personal Touch:

Your copy isn't just signed; it's marked with a piece of my journey. 'Indigo Reverie' bears the essence of my passion for art and the dedication poured into every detail. 

  1. Thoughtful Craftsmanship:

To complement its artistic soul, each calendar is accompanied by a handmade stand and a carefully crafted carry box. These elements are not just practical; they're an extension of the thoughtfulness embedded in every page. 

  1. A Journey through Time:

With over 300 prints for 25 calendars meticulously crafted, 'Indigo Reverie' is more than a calendar; it's a journey through time. Each page reflects the dedication invested in its creation, an invitation to embrace the unique in every moment.


'Indigo Reverie' invites you to be part of my artistic narrative. It's not just a calendar; it's a conversation, a piece of my heart shared with you. Secure your piece of this limited edition collection and let the quiet elegance of cyanotype artistry grace your space. 


Archival paper, 310 gsm, made by Ilford, Survive 100 Years in Normal Home Condition.

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