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Tandav- Special Edition- Limited Edition of 25 Copies

Tandav- Special Edition- Limited Edition of 25 Copies

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I am pleased to introduce "TANDAV," my first photobook, which has been a labor of love and dedication. The process of creating a photobook is not easy, but I took on the challenge of designing and sequencing it myself, and I must say, it was a rewarding experience. There were moments of fun and also some pain along the way, but the endless cycle of creation and destruction ultimately made it all worthwhile.

"TANDAV" derives its name from the dance of destruction, which paves the way for new creation. The images in this book were captured over many years, a time during which I struggled with addiction and hopelessness. My life was consumed by alcoholism and other substances, but through it all, photography kept me alive and gave me hope for brighter days.

In a way, creating this photobook was my own form of the TANDAV dance. I destroyed my old self to create a new version of me, and the images within these pages are a testament to that journey.



Special Edition – 25 copies

  • Comes with one signed 8x10 inches archival print
  • Cloth Bound Hardcover
  • Signed by the Author

Published April 2023

120 Pages

55 Duotone prints


254 x 204 mm





Archival paper, 310 gsm, made by Ilford, Survive 100 Years in Normal Home Condition.

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